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Where Should We Go?

bushCONNECT is an event that aims to inspire, equip and connect people who are working to make their communities better for everyone.

The Bush Foundation has partnered with nearly 100 organizations to create three bushCON events over the last three years. We try to make each one a fun and unique experience where people come together to share great ideas, build valuable skills and make new connections.

We want to make each bushCON event better than the last. But building a better bushCON takes time. A lot of time. And so, we've decided to take next year off. We plan to come back with a bigger and better bushCON in 2018.

But just because we are taking a little break from bushCON doesn't mean we're taking a break from helping build and strengthen leadership networks across our region; we're just going to do it a little differently in 2017.

Next year, rather than create a great bushCON event, our plan is to create opportunities for people to attend great events across the country. We would love get your input on great events that you think would be good for people from across the region to attend. 

Share your thoughts below. And sign up for news alerts from the Bush Foundation to stay up-to-date on all future opportunities.

Tell us about some events you think are great.


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